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About the Repository

BG Research Online: Terms of use

  1. Overview
  2. 1.1. BG Research Online (BGRO) is an open access digital repository of research undertaken by members of staff and researchers of Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU).

    1.2. Any person with an internet connection can browse and search BG Research Online, and access any of its full-text open access materials, free of charge.

    1.3. Where possible, and subject to licensing and copyright, each item deposited in the repository is accompanied by a link to a freely available electronic version of the item.

    1.4. BG Research Online is not a publisher in its own right, merely an online archive.

  3. Terms of use
  4. 2.1. Copyright and intellectual property rights subsist in BG Research Online, including its content and metadata. Some full-text items have different rights, permissions and conditions to those below. If so, this will be made clear on the metadata record.

    2.2. End users generally may reproduce, display or distribute single copies of content held within BG Research Online, in any format or medium, for personal research and study or for educational or other not-for-profit purposes provided that:
    ⚫ The full bibliographic details and a hyperlink to (or the URL of) the item’s record in BG Research Online are clearly displayed;
    ⚫ No part of the content or metadata is not further copied, reproduced, distributed, displayed or published, in any format or medium;
    ⚫ The content and/or metadata is not used for commercial purposes;
    ⚫ The content is not altered or adapted without written permission from the rights owner/s, unless expressly permitted by licence.

    2.3. If an item in the repository is published under a licence such as Creative Commons, the terms and conditions of that licence supersede the terms and conditions above.

    2.4. Full text items must not be harvested by robots except transiently for full-text indexing or citation analysis.

  5. Takedown / withdrawal policy
  6. 3.1. Items can be removed at the request of the author and/or copyright holder, subject to approval by staff in the Research and Innovation Centre.

    3.2. If you consider an item in BG Research Online to be in breach of copyright, intellectual property, a particular licence, or any UK law, please email bgro@bishopg.ac.uk.

    3.3. In the event of a complaint being received, the record will be removed from public view whilst the case is investigated.

    3.4. If the complaint is upheld the item will be permanently withdrawn from the repository. In some cases a metadata record may remain; this will be decided on a case by case basis by the BG Research Online administration team.

    3.5. Copyright compliance is the responsibility of the author/depositor.

  7. 4. The preservation of BG Research Online content
  8. 4.1. Content deposited in BG Research Online will be retained indefinitely.

    4.2. Bishop Grosseteste University makes reasonable efforts to ensure continued readability and accessibility of outputs deposited in BG Research Online.

    4.3. Files stored in BG Research Online are backed up on a regular basis.

    4.4. In the event that BG Research Online or Bishop Grosseteste University ceases to exist, the University will make every reasonable effort to transfer the records to another appropriate archive.

  9. Support and advice
  10. 5.1. BG Research Online is jointly administered at Bishop Grosseteste University by Library Services and the Research and Innovation Centre: email bgro@bishopg.ac.uk.

Any correspondence about BG Research Online should be directed to bgro@bishopg.ac.uk.